Anguilla is a gem. It is indeed tranquility wrapped in blue. Voted # 1 in the Caribbean for the second year in a row by the 2018 Travel + Leisure World’s Best Awards, its 35 square miles of welcoming smiles is surrounded by the best beaches in the world. It is accessible by both air mainly by Puerto Rico and boat mainly by St. Martin. Whether driving east, west, north or south, driving in Anguilla is easy without a doubt. The island is connected by one main road approximately 16 miles long, the off roads are considered to be fairly smooth, hence, off road vehicles are not necessarily required. The roads are two lanes and it is important to remember that driving is on the left side. Temporary driving permits are purchased at a cost of USD $20.00 or ECD $53.60 by car Rentals or can be acquired through assistance from the hotel at which you are staying for your visit. The speed limit is 30 mph or 48 kph and vehicles can be provided with either left or right hand steering.

There are a total of six(6) Gas stations strategically located throughout the island. They are supplied with gasoline from  two main suppliers; namely Sol and Delta Petroleum. At present, gas in anguilla is sold at around US$6.00 per gallon. Anguilla Gases a delta petroleum provider and Derrick’s Gas Station a Sol provider are located in Blowing Point in close proximity to the ferry terminal. Located near the Clayton J Lloyd airport are also two more gas stations; namely Albert’s Gas Station a Sol provider and Webster’s Gas Station a delta petroleum provider. The remaining two Gas stations are located on the most western and eastern destinations of the island. In the West End village there is Shine Gas Station, a delta petroleum provider and Island Gases in the Long Path Village, another delta petroleum provider. All of which are self service.

Having the ability to drive around at your convenience (Book a rental car) is guaranteed to offer you a more personal experience of the island where you can embrace the atmosphere, inhale and exhale the aroma’s of the seas, capture the moments that take your breath away and discover more of our scenic views. Forget about time, you’re on island time! There is nowhere to get lost in Anguilla but if you were to, what better place to get lost than in paradise!